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Markdebrand agency is an integrated virtual services company, offering innovative solutions in Human Resources, Operations, Marketing, and Technology.
Our effective strategies are developed by a multicultural team of professionals, collaborating internally and externally in a virtual way. Ensuring companies optimization and the return of the investment for our clients.


Creative Brand Developers is a marketing agency. We offer brands solutions in ATL, BTL and TTL for businesses in the cannabis industry.

Prisma Hexagon is an MVP, interactive web and mobile app development agency. One of the promising industries is software development due to the new needs that the pandemic and lockdown had caused on customers and businesses. We at Prisma Hexagon provide Top-Notch Development services to suit all kinds of projects. Handled by the best and brightest minds we have, Web and App development has never been easier and cost-effective with Prisma Hexagon.


NeurolinkPeople is a Virtual Staffing Agency. We help to connect employers with human talent specialized in administrative areas specific to the job needs. Unlike recruitment companies, staffing firms primarily deal with temporary and contract job positions. These positions, which are usually for lower skilled jobs, have vacancies available for a variety of reasons, such as, maternity leave, short term projects or periods of high demand in the company.

Vertical Virtual Call is a call center that provides powerful based Cloud telephony from sales, calls, business, and tech centers with VOIP plans and hardware suitable for both national and international businesses at low prices without any form of disconnection.
The products are specially tailored to the requirements of small, medium-sized, and large companies and lets you benefit from the merits of modern VoIP telephony.
We provide SIP Trunking in many countries in USA, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Uganda, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Spain, Panama, Chile, Nigeria. 
For VoIP providers and carriers we provide wholesale VoIP premium termination with high quality.

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Dany Hurtado Cardona offers consulting services by giving expert advice to people working in a professional or technical field with special attention to entrepreneurship in general, tech projects, development of business models and focus on digital marketing and sales.

Is a software company. We offer software solutions for enterprises in the form of an all-in-one ERE (Enterprise Resource Environment) a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) with Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Internet of Things and Blockchain technologies.

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Is a strategy to provide a solution to the need for employment in the region. We enhance prior learning through the transfer of knowledge from mentor to apprentice.

Is a Fintech platform that allows you to invest in the stock markets, with our insights, managed directly by our experts and technology. Easily monitor your performance at all times and learn how to generate income in the fascinating world of trading.

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This is a partnership between Markdebrand and Super Inflatable, the idea is to use the production of assets (made of different materials) and Markdebrand's expertise and business contacts to create a new marketing agency, mainly focused on B.T.L. products.

Is a software company that offers software solutions for companies in the form of an all-in-one ERE (Enterprise Resource Environment).